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The U.S. immigration process is cumbersome, confusing, and often contradictory.  In this section, we offer a number of FAQs, charts, graphs, and articles to provide some meaning to the madness.  For example, the FAQs on Passports, Visas, and the I-94 Card explains the significance of these different documents in terms of maintaining lawful status in the U.S., and Employment of Foreign Nationals in the United States outlines the different visa classifications that authorize employment.

The World of Js is so complicated and confusing that a flowchart was needed to show how it works.  This section also explains the two-year home residency requirement, how to determine if you are subject, and your options if you are subject – including the various ways to pursue a waiver.

The avenues to obtain a “green card” or lawful permanent residence (LPR) status are highly structured, and at present can only be obtained through family, employment, investment/job creation, or a humanitarian basis (not to mention the Diversity Visa Lottery).   The FAQs on Employment-Based Permanent Status  outlines the primary pathways for this route to a “green card”, and these are further defined in The PERM Process and What is “EB-1”.  Green Card Quota Backlogs explains why some of these pathways are more advantageous as compared to the others.

We hope that the materials in this section, and throughout this site, will provide you with sufficient understanding to determine the right options and pathways for you.