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Questions You Should Ask in Choosing an EB-1 Law Firm

  1. What is the firm’s experience with EB-1 cases?
  2. How many EB-1 cases has the firm gotten approved within the past year?
  3. What is the percentage approval rate of the firm on EB-1 cases?
  4. Does the firm have a website devoted to EB-1 issues?
  5. How many individuals in the firm focus most or all their time on EB-1 cases?
  6. How does the firm assist in preparing the application?
  7. What is the role of the lawyer in preparing my application?
  8. Have members of the firm published articles on EB-1?
  9. Have members of the firm been invited to make presentations about EB-1 at universities, hospitals, and research institutions and organizations?
  10. How many institutions refer EB-1 cases to your law firm?
  11. Are members of the firm regularly invited to present at immigration conferences about EB-1?
  12. Are members of the firm on national committees that influence policy on EB-1 cases?
  13. Does the firm file multiple petitions without additional legal fees?
  14. Does the firm provide 24 hour or less response time to emails?